Greetings from Austin, Texas!

Greetings from Austin, Texas!

A summary of what I’ve learned here over the past two weeks:

– It’s hot as hell (Daily highs hover around 100. Not the heat index, mind you. That’s higher. Just the actual temperature itself).
– The music, food, and drink scenes are bangin’.
– Tacos are very much a breakfast food.
– It is possible, nay, probable, that if you sit on a penny after it’s been toasting in the sun on your carseat for several hours, you will brand the profile of Ol’ Honest Abe into your thigh.
– Y’all should buy stock in sunblock because I’ll be purchasing it by the crate henceforth.

We are currently splitting time between house-hunting and attempting to find the best taco, BBQ, and watering holes in town. But in August I’ll be hitting the road again for the last leg of the Halfway to Austin Tour. Here are those dates thus far (details, as per usual, here at my website):

August 1st – Beloit, KS (Kettle)
August 3rd – Des Moines, IA (Private House Concert)
August 4th – Des Moines, IA (Captain Roy’s)
August 5th – Ladora, IA (HomeDitty™ House Concert)
August 7th – Johnston, IA (HomeDitty™ House Concert)
August 9th – Ames, IA (Mother’s Pub)

Also, if you’re currently thinking to yourself “Man, I’d really like to have Roxi come do a concert at MY house for my family and friends this summer” AND you happen to live in any of the following states – Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, or Iowa – you just might be in luck! I’ll be swinging through your neck of the woods on this tour leg, and we may be able to fit in a show at your place. If you’re interested in hosting the party of the summer, drop me a line asap (via the contact form here on my website) and let me know where it is you call home. I’ll reply with the date or dates I could be in your area and we’ll take it from there! (If you’d like to learn a little more about house concerts, feel free to check out my handy-dandy info page).

As per usual, I’ve included a couple pics from the road below. More pictures from both recent shows and the road trip down to Austin on Instagram.

sending love from Texas,


Pic #1: Grabbed a quick snap of the view at twilight during set break while playing a private event on Michigan Avenue in Chicago earlier this month.

Pic #2: Thanks to Scott Graham for snagging this shot stage-side at Milwaukee Pridefest. I appreciate the lovely send-off, 414. Hope to see you down the road.

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