All right y’all – I’ve got a new song titled ‘Daddy Don’t Do Politics’ coming out this Friday. It’s my first studio recording in over three years (turns out moving from Milwaukee to Austin and learning an entire new music scene’s worth of folks takes some time). The song is the debut single from a larger EP that I plan to release in 2021. I could tell you more about the tune, but I reckon that’s the PR folks’ job, so l’ll just let them have at ‘er:

“‘Daddy Don’t Do Politics’ is a charming, if somewhat irreverent, new single from Austin, TX singer/songwriter Roxi Copland. This banjo-led toe tapper is part Americana, part Bluegrass, and part Country. ‘Daddy Don’t Do Politics’ also throws in a dose of social commentary in the vein of Jason Isbell’s ‘White Man’s World’ or Margo Price’s ‘All American Made’. Copland’s penchant for humorous and satirical lyrics is on full display here, as the tune recounts a conversation with a well-to-do relative about one of the many issues voters will be grappling with in the upcoming US election – income inequality. A great hook, progressive lyrics and witty social commentary delivered via a powerhouse contralto voice that’s “a little sultry, a bit sassy, and kinda sexy” (WUWM Radio) makes ‘Daddy Don’t Do Politics’ precisely the earworm you’ve been looking for.”

You can listen to the song right now by heading to my Youtube page here. It’ll be available to download and stream from all of your favorite services starting this Friday, Oct. 16th. In the meantime, feel free to let me know what you think. 

love from Texas,


PS – Don’t forget to vote.

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