Roxi’s ‘Rona Restorative #2 – This Tuesday Night!

Dear fellow shut-ins,

I miss you. All y’all. Yes, even you, drunk guy who’s always, somehow, only three rows back from the stage and yelling ‘Freebird’ whilst simultaneously spilling a beer on the unfortunate soul in front of him.

I miss EVERYBODY. And I’m guessing you miss everybody too. Even my introvert friends are gettin’ a bit stir-crazy at this point. Hell, I met a lizard in the rock patch outside my house earlier this week. I named him Hubert and contemplated inviting him in for a sandwich or something but I figured my dogs Odin and Haggis might not be as welcoming as I’d like, so I nixed that idea and just watched him sun himself on a rock for 10 minutes. You know what? It made me feel better.

Speaking of feeling better – on March 31st, I did my very first live-stream from my studio via Facebook Live. Thank you so much to all the folks who tuned in; it was wonderful to be able to hang out with y’all, play some tunes, and laugh a little. If you didn’t have a chance to watch live, you can view the full replay of the show here. My dog Haggis McHound even made a guest appearance.

If you’re wondering “What the hell is Roxi’s ‘Rona Restorative, anyway?” I’m so glad you asked – Roxi’s ‘Rona Restorative is a  20-minute musical variety show designed to serve as a small bright spot amidst the challenges of COVID-19. My goal is to contribute some entertainment while we’re stuck at home, doing our civic duty by social distancing and attempting to keep this stupid virus from spreading. The show is comprised of a few songs, some hopefully witty banter, a lot of wine, and a little Q & A (questions are determined by you – you can comment live during the show and I’ll try to respond to as many questions / comments as I can between songs). Episode #2’s theme will be ‘Uppers’ – legal uppers mind you. 

All you have to do to join in the fun is head to my Facebook page via the link below at 7pm Central this Tuesday: Last time I advised curling up in your pjs with your dog, and I was quickly informed by the cat-lovers on this mailing list that my feline friends were feeling left out. ATTENTION CATS: You’re welcome too. Any cuddly thing will do, really. Cats, dogs, bearded dragons, they’re all welcome to join the party.

See you this Tuesday night at 7pm Central.  Stay safe out there,


PS – I’ve added a little something new to my online store – handwritten lyrics. You pick your favorite tune (just click the ‘Note’ option when you check out so you can tell me which one), and I’ll hand-write the lyrics out and ship it to you in a poster tube so it arrives in stellar condition, ready to be framed and matted as you like. These make great one-of-a-kind gifts if you’ve got someone in the family with a favorite Roxi song. Normally I only do these when I release a new record, but seeing as how we’re dealing with extraordinary circumstances and I’m spending a little more time at my desk at home these days, I figured why not. Great time to brush up on my less-than-stellar penmanship, no?

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