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It’s been a whirlwind couple months, to say the least. In February, we made the decision to move to Austin this summer. In March, we started working on the logistics of the move and got our house ready to put on the market (I now have far more sympathy for all my friends who’ve told me that’s a massive amount of work. Good lord. I still have cramps in my hands from painting into the wee hours of the morning). Yesterday we booked a little rental place in Austin to stay while we house hunt. IT’S ALL HAPPENING.

And in just a couple short weeks, the Halfway to Austin Tour kicks off! I’m trying to fit in as many dates as I can prior to June 15th (that’s when we’re packing up the dogs and assorted musical equipment and starting a 1200 mile, 3-day road trip that’ll take us all the way from our current home in Milwaukee to the start of our new life in Austin). Without further adieu, here are all dates currently on my calendar through the next couple months:

April 18th – Milwaukee, WI (The Monarch Lounge in the Hilton Milwaukee)
April 25th – Des Moines, IA (Peace Tree – Des Moines Branch)
April 26th – Grinnell, IA (Peace Tree – Grinnell Branch)
April 27th – Knoxville, IA (Peace Tree Brewing Co.)
April 29th – Ames, IA (Prairie Moon Winery)
April 30th – Shell Rock, IA (Private House Concert)

May 2nd – Milwaukee, WI (The Monarch Lounge in the Hilton Milwaukee)
May 5th – Milwaukee, WI (The Monarch Lounge in the Hilton Milwaukee)
May 9th – Milwaukee, WI (The Monarch Lounge in the Hilton Milwaukee)
May 10th – Whitefish Bay, WI (The Bay)
May 16th – Greenwood, IN (Vino Villa)
May 17th – Louisville, KY (Commonwealth Tap)
May 18th – Owensboro, KY (SIP)
May 20th – Overland Park, KS (The InterUrban ArtHouse)
May 21st – Des Moines, IA (HomeDitty™ House Concert)
May 22nd – Des Moines, IA (HomeDitty™ House Concert)
May 26th – Milwaukee, WI (The Monarch Lounge in the Hilton Milwaukee)

June 10th – Milwaukee, WI (Pridefest)

Details on all of the shows above can be found at I’m hoping to fit in a couple more weeks of shows towards the end of the summer. So if you’re thinking that you might want a private summer house concert of your very own, now’s the time to drop me a line so I can work it into the end-of-summer routing. More information on house concerts here: If you’d like to keep up with the craziness of tour life via my social media, I’ll be regularly updating my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts while on the road. I’ll try to be funny and/or clever. But I imagine my success in that endeavor will depend in large part upon a) the amount of sleep I’ve had and b) how many espresso shops are within a 200 mile radius of whatever patch of concrete I’m currently hurtling over.

Ooh, almost forgot – I picked up a new microphone just in time for tour. Sometimes a gal’s gotta treat herself.



And if you live in any of the cities mentioned above, keep an eye out for these posters. I’ve been filling ’em out and sending ’em off to venues all over the Midwest and South for the last couple weeks, and they should be popping up in your favorite local venue anytime now.


Here’s to great music and sturdy packing boxes. Hope to see many of you on the road in just a couple short weeks!

– Roxi

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